Mar 20th 2020 | Posted in Education by Government Contracting Pipeline

Wisconsin – Madison’s four main high schools – East, La Follette, Memorial, and West – are in need of repairs and renovations, and a new proposal aims to split $280 million evenly between the four schools. At its March 23 meeting, the school board will vote on which questions to put on the ballot for this November’s election.
East High School in Madison Madison to divvy $280M among 4 high school renovations

East High School in Madison

A 2017 assessment of the high schools assigned a letter grade to each physical component of a school, which were used to determine an overall grade indicating each school’s condition.

La Follette, Memorial, and West earned C grades, and the East campus rated as a D.

The assessment estimated that in order to bring the schools up to a B grade, or the equivalent of being in good condition, $50 million would be needed for La Follette, $31 million for Memorial, $32 million for West, and $41 million for East.

Officials estimate that construction could begin after the 2021-2022 school year, when students leave for summer break. During this time, work would focus on extensive interior renovations, and would thereafter be phased out during the following nine months.

All four schools could have a major facelift finished in August 2024.