Apr 15th 2021 | Posted in Public-Private Partnerships (P3) by Government Contracting Pipeline

Washington – The Grant County Public Utility District signed an agreement on April 1 to establish a public-private partnership (P3) to support the development and commercial demonstration of the first advanced nuclear reactor in the U.S.
WA advanced nuclear reactor TEP SIgning 1A3A0091 Web Washington utility district enters P3 for advanced nuclear reactorEstimated to cost $2.4 billion, the project will take seven years to complete and will be online by 2027-2028.
Through the TRi Energy Partnership, the parties will evaluate each step of the project and identify the best approach to licensing, permitting, construction, operation, and ownership.
A proposed location north of Richland would be the site of an Xe-100 advanced nuclear power plant capable of generating up to 320 megawatts using a TRISO fuel, which stands for “TRi-structural ISOtropic particle fuel.”
Each TRISO particle consists of a uranium, carbon, and oxygen fuel kernel that is encapsulated in three layers of carbon and ceramic-based coating that prevents radioactive fission products from being released. TRISO particles are extremely small and will be fabricated into tennis ball-sized spheres called “pebbles” that are ideal for a high temperature gas reactor.
TRISO has great structural strength and durability, as well as the ability to withstand high temperatures. With triple-coated layers, each particle is its own containment system and retains fission products under all reactor conditions and temperatures.