Feb 2nd 2021 | Posted in Infrastructure by Texas Government Insider

The city of Victoria is drafting several major planning documents that will align with the goals detailed in its 2035 Comprehensive Plan.
City officials said they anticipate finalizing the city’s Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) and submitting it to the City Council in May.
Some of the projects under consideration to be added to the CIP include acquiring or expanding facilities, building or rehabilitating streets, and restoring the Riverside Park duck pond.
Upon completion of Victoria’s downtown, storm drainage, thoroughfares, and parks and recreation, city staff expect to identify more capital projects to be added to the five-year CIP.
victoria Victoria developing master documents to align with 2035 Comprehensive PlanVisioning for the Downtown Master Plan is expected to start in February, drafting is anticipated to begin in March, and implementing and funding is scheduled for April with adoption in August.
Work on the Storm Drainage master plan has begun with an independent study of undeveloped parcels to evaluate sites with known drainage issues. A drainage criteria manual, storm sewer evaluation, roadside open ditch evaluation, and major outfall evaluation are all in development.
Data collection and analysis is underway for the Thoroughfare Master Plan with review of existing documents and use of GIS. Final plan adoption is scheduled for June 22.
Conceptual plans for Riverside and Ethel Lee parks will begin in March according to the Parks Master Plan timeline. The city is developing a draft master plan for final adoption in October.