Jan 12th 2022 | Posted in Transportation by Government Contracting Pipeline

Utah – The Utah Inland Port Authority (UIPA) secured $150 million in bond funding, which gives the authority approximately $112 million in revenue to kick off proposed projects including a transloading/cross-dock facility.
Adjacent to a railyard, the new facility will offer international and domestic cargo stakeholders a cost-effective and efficient inland alternative option by leveraging existing infrastructure and intermodal rail hub which is near the rail ramp in Salt Lake City.
UT Inland Port Authority train mountains Utah Inland Port Authority planning $112M transloading facility

Utah Inland Port Authority

Through an investment-grade business case analysis, UIPA has identified at minimum the three California port gateways of Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Oakland for the transloading facility to compete for international cargo volumes. Additional lanes have been identified as cargo begins to move inland.

As UIPA builds the transloading facility, it will focus on sustainability and smart logistics actions that include sustainable construction technology, increased water and energy efficiency, reduced waste and emissions, using eco-friendly building materials, and improving indoor environmental quality. The equipment used inside the building will be automated, and equipment outside the building, under UIPA control, will be zero or near zero emission.
The transloading facility will shift cargo containers from truck to rail, taking three trucks off the road between California and Salt Lake City by consolidating the contents of three ocean containers into two domestic containers.
An associated truck parking facility that was funded as part of the 2022 budget will also provide auxiliary power for truck drivers, reducing idling trucks overnight on Salt Lake City side streets.
The transloading facility is one of six new projects approved by UIPA’s board of directors in October 2021 to reduce current air emissions and improve rail access for Utah businesses. The infrastructure projects are focused in UIPA’s current jurisdictional area in the northwest of the Salt Lake Valley.
Other projects being planned include construction of a renewable energy refueling station, acquisition of a rail spur and test track, and development of an employee dining and day care with an industrial kitchen.
The authority also plans to expand the 7200 West roadway from State Road 201 to 700 North and purchase an easement for development of the North Temple Rail Line to open rail access north of Interstate 80.