P3 Conference Virtual Lobby 300x143 Upcoming P3 Conference focuses on public private partnershipsThis time last year, I would have been preparing to travel to the upcoming P3 Conference to discuss public-private partnerships.

Now, I am planning to engage audiences virtually at this year’s P3 Conference dubbed the ‘Sports, Entertainment and Facilities Conference.’ The event, scheduled for August 12-14, will feature discussions about collaborative initiatives related to large public facilities.

In spite of my busy schedule, I am pleased to be participating. I’ll be one of the speakers, and I’m making the effort to do this because I still passionately believe that public-private partnerships, alternative funding, and collaborative initiatives are our future.

The country’s debt has escalated significantly, and public funding will be constrained for many years to come because of COVID-19. However, public assets still need to be maintained and modernized. Infrastructure cannot continue to crumble, and economic development linked to revenue generation is critical to our global competitiveness.

The upcoming three-day virtual program is designed for public officials, private sector executives, investors, economic development professionals, and the development industry. Although it is focused on large public facilities, it will cover all the basics of collaboration and alternative funding.

I’ll miss the interaction and getting to see old friends in person, but the virtual program will offer interesting panels, presentations from experts, information sharing, and question-and-answer sessions.

This particular P3 conference will focus on these types of large public projects:

  • Convention Centers;
  • Stadiums & Arenas;
  • Conference Centers;
  • Entertainment Venues;
  • Performing Arts Venues;
  • Tourism Infrastructure; and,
  • Local Economic Development.

One of the attractive aspects of conferences such as this one is that they are all income producing, and that’s what many public officials currently are seeking. The panels and speakers, however, also will cover every aspect of a successful public-private partnership.

The program also will showcase and provide background related to upcoming projects, procurement opportunities, COVID-19 response strategies, and best practices in traditional and alternative project delivery. Although the networking will be online, there are dozens of ways for participants to connect. The networking capabilities will include ways to schedule conversations. Perhaps best of all, the presentation materials and other data after the conference ends will be available to participants. I will be speaking on August 14, and I hope to hear from many of the conference attendees afterward.

For more information or to register, visit https://www.csefconference.com/

I salute all of the industry leaders who are continuing to make conferences like this possible. We need to stay connected, and networking is especially welcome in this exceptionally difficult time.

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Mary Scott Nabers

As President and CEO of Strategic Partnerships, Inc., Mary Scott Nabers has decades of experience working in the public-private sector. A well-recognized expert in the P3 and government contracting fields, she is often asked to share her industry insights with top publications and through professional speaking engagements.