parking garageWEB 300x200 Upcoming 2020 contracting opportunities can be found hereLooking for parking facility construction projects? Probably not! That’s because most construction firms are interested in larger projects. But, things are changing, and it may be wise to begin looking for parking garage projects.

Here’s why. There is an abundance of demand for new parking facilities, and these projects are almost always tied to much larger construction opportunities. Find a parking garage opportunity and it’s likely to be connected to other kinds of construction opportunities.

Still dubious? Check out these examples!

The Manhattan City Commission is ready to proceed on the design of a new $12.5 million parking garage which is included in the Aggieville Community Vision plan. The garage will be central to 10,700 square feet of ground-level commercial space. Construction of the five-story garage with 489 parking spaces will launch a redevelopment project that includes upgrades and expansions as well as projects related to streets, lighting, streetscapes, and more.

The town of Windsor will update a 2012 downtown parking study. Part of the scope of work will be to provide concept-level recommendations related to parking garage sizes, locations, phasing, costs, and timelines. The parking update will also recognize evolving technology and future trends in parking systems, management strategies, and service delivery. Numerous new parking facilities will result, and most will be tied to other construction projects as well.

Amherst town officials, as part of “Destination Amherst,” plan to add a new parking garage. The 200-space structure will likely be delivered through a public-private partnership engagement. Before releasing a request for proposals, however, officials will rezone the property and finalize plans for other renovations. Other construction projects will include, but not necessarily be limited to, construction of a performing arts shell and a children’s playground near the new parking garage.

Amarillo City Council recently approved renovations to the Amarillo Civic Center. The project now goes before voters on May 2 to approve $275 million of a $319 million construction and renovation project. The city hopes to make major renovations to the existing facility and construct a new 10,100-seat coliseum. Those projects will significantly increase the demand for parking. Construction of a new $15 million parking facility is intrinsic to the project.

In 2019, the Boise Airport served a record number of airline passengers. That’s just one of the reasons why the authority is launching a $150 million plan to expand. The airport will construct a five-story, 700-space parking garage and then another parking facility shortly after the first one is finished. Other planned projects include a sixth Transportation Security Administration line, a rental car garage and lobby, and a new concourse.

The Reno-Tahoe International Airport also is experiencing major growing pains and must expand. One of the top priorities in the airport’s Master Plan is parking expansion. Construction on a new parking garage could begin early in 2021. The second priority will be to expand the ticket lobby followed by a focus on adding gates and possibly a third concourse. A moving walkway also has been discussed.

Based on its Capital Improvement Plan, the city of Pompano Beach plans to construct a new Fire Rescue and Logistics Complex that will include an administrative center, emergency operations center, and a fire and EMS distribution building. The complex will include land acquisition for a new public parking garage. More than $1.7 million has been budgeted for the design phase.

North Carolina
In 2019, the city of Hendersonville signed a memorandum of understanding with a hotel developer. The agreement states that the city will construct a five-story parking garage on a 1.5-acre lot if the developer commits to building a six-story downtown hotel. The parking garage would be for hotel employees and guests but also will provide public parking. Project costs are projected to be approximately $8.2 million.

The town of Pittsboro announced plans to move forward with a new parking facility that will cost $15.8 million. The 42,000-square-foot parking garage will accommodate 134 parking spaces. City officials are also interested in adding alternatives to the garage including a “solar-ready” component, underground stormwater detention, and a full building generator. These additions would increase the cost to $16.5 million. When construction plans are completed, the bid process for construction services will begin.

The University of Nebraska’s board of regents is concerned about parking at the Bob Devaney Sports Center. They realize that once their new $16.5 million track and field complex is completed in 2021, the demand for parking will greatly exceed capacity. Until a remedy is found, parking will be shifted to a vacant lot on the Nebraska Innovation Campus (NIC). A proposed parking garage will likely take the place on that empty site in the near future, but it is likely there will be other new parking facilities. Early designs for the Innovation Campus included multiple parking structures throughout the 250-acre site. A study confirmed that parking is inadequate, and rapid movement to relieve the parking crunch is anticipated.

Contractors know that early identification of upcoming opportunities is a critical component of success in capturing the new business. Officials are usually eager to talk about upcoming projects … until they aren’t. Once solicitation documents are in the planning stage, it becomes almost impossible to have discussions about projects.

So, in 2020, it’s important to remember that large projects almost always will involve new parking facilities. Firms interested in the related projects should pay attention to conversations about anticipated parking needs.

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Mary Scott Nabers

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