Feb 21st 2020 | Posted in Transportation by Government Contracting Pipeline

Florida – Clearwater councilmembers adopted a resolution earlier this month to encourage the development of a commercial aerial transit system in their city.
The system’s solar energy-powered pods would carry up to four passengers at up to 50 mph about 20 feet off the ground.
SkyTran2 Clearwater council adopts aerial transit resolution

Rendering of aerial transit station

Elevated tracks with stops in Clearwater’s downtown, Island Estates, Pier 60, and Clearwater Beach would be included in the project’s initial phase. The system could be expanded to serve the Tampa Bay area as support for the system gains traction in the area. The city of Oldsmar and Pasco County Metropolitan Planning Organization approved similar resolutions.

Officials in 2018 estimated an aerial transit system in Clearwater would cost about $50 million, operate about 75 pods, and require construction of a hangar for maintenance and pod storage.