Oct 28th 2022 | Posted in Public-Private Partnerships (P3) by Government Contracting Pipeline

Michigan — The University of Michigan Board of Regents approved a plan on October 20 that will allow the university to enter into a public-privateUnsplash child with blocks 199x300 University of Michigan seeks P3 for child care center partnership (P3) with an experienced, outside child care provider to design, build, and operate a center. The university would retain ownership of the land and building and be responsible for financing the construction.

The university will select and contract with the child care service partner, approving the design of the facility and negotiating all other construction and operations-related matters. The $12 million facility will be built on Cornwell Place — east of Ingalls Street and close to Michigan Medicine and the School of Nursing — and will serve up to 200 children. Facilities & Operations will manage clearing the site in advance of construction, which includes the removal or demolition of two existing structures.

The new center is just one approach the university is developing to address the evolving child and family care needs of employees. A steering group of faculty and staff has been working since May to consider how the university can best support the child and family care needs of faculty and staff.