Apr 22nd 2021 | Posted in Transportation by Government Contracting Pipeline

Colorado – The Regional Transit District (RTD) Board approved engineering and environmental planning on a mid-level design for a proposed diesel rail line connecting Boulder, Longmont, and Denver.
CO Denver RTD Union Station Commuter Rail Transit District selects design for Boulder Denver rail line

Denver RTD Union Station Commuter Rail

RTD officials said the board’s authorization triggers a new planning and environmental linkages study, a review of current vehicle technology and impacts, and efforts to engage the community along the 35.3-mile corridor.

The plan is needed before the board takes action on a notice to proceed with construction. Current estimates are that the peak service concept would require $708 million in capital expenses and $14 million in annual operating expenses.
Concept criteria call for three morning trains from Longmont to Denver and three evening trains in the opposite direction. The trains would run on existing track, and each trip would take about 60 to 70 minutes.
Station and maintenance facility locations would need to be identified and built, and rolling stock would need to be purchased.
Developing the plan will take up to two years to complete and require up to $8 million in funding. A scope of work for the study will be presented to the RTD Board this summer, and the study could begin by the end of 2021.