Jun 5th 2020 | Posted in Transportation by Government Contracting Pipeline

Washington, D.C. – The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) awarded $891 million to 12 transit infrastructure projects across the nation on May 29.
FTA awarded $100 million to the 2.6-mile extension of the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s (LACMTA) heavy rail system to the Westwood/Veterans Hospital area. The project includes the construction of two stations.
IN IndyGo Purple Line rendering Transit administration awards $891M to infrastructure projects

Rendering of IndyGo Purple Line station

The Valley Metro South Central Light Rail extension from downtown Phoenix to the South Mountain Village Core will benefit from $100 million in FTA grant monies. The project also calls for the construction of nine additional stations.

Lake County, Indiana is set to receive $100 million for the south shore extension of its West Lake Corridor Commuter Rail System.

Smaller projects receiving funding are:

  • Miami-Dade County, Florida – South Corridor Rapid Transit Project – $99.99 million;
  • Portland, Oregon – Max Red Line Extension and Reliability Improvements – $99.99 million;
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – Downtown-Uptown-Oakland-East End Bus Rapid Transit Project – $99.95 million;
  • Indianapolis, Indiana – IndyGo Purple Rapid Transit Line – $77.5 million;
  • Ogden, Utah – Ogden-Weber State University Bus Rapid Transit Project – $64.5 million;
  • Albany, New Work – Washington/Western Bus Rapid Transit Project – $60.9 million;
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin – East-West Bus Rapid Transit Project – $40.94 million;
  • Vancouver, Washington – Mill Plain Bus Rapid Transit Project – $24.9 million; and,
  • St. Petersburg, Florida – Central Avenue Bus Rapid Transit Project – $21.8 million.
FTA’s Capital Investment Grants (CIG) program will provide the funding to advance the readiness of projects for a construction grant agreement or a full funding grant agreement.