Feb 23rd 2021 | Posted in Transportation by Texas Government Insider

One of the largest capital projects in the history of the city of San Antonio is in the talking stage as officials of the San Antonio International Airport are discussing a possible $2 billion airport redevelopment plan. Included in the early talks are replacement of Terminal A and building a third terminal.
Those projects would be followed by the renovation of Terminal B within the next 20 years.
San Antonio International Airport terminal San Antonio airport planning multiple terminal replacements, renovations

San Antonio International Airport terminal

The $2 billion cost for Terminals A and B would likely be split evenly – $1 billion for each. Although the plans are still being crafted, officials are considering all ways to help pay for the endeavor. Some possible sources of financing are bond issues, passenger fees, federal grants, and airline contributions.

The proposal is expected to go before the City Council for discussion on March 3. Some community meetings have already been held to discuss the proposal.
A consultant for the project called Terminal A “functionally obsolete” with issues such as narrow corridors, an aging electric system and insufficient baggage claim areas and restrooms. Corridors are 71 feet wide, short of the 100 feet usually incorporated into today’s domestic gates and 140 feet for international gates. Lessons learned from the COVID pandemic will lead to innovations to provide more open space and addition of dining facilities between gates.
Terminal A currently has 16 gates, and Terminal B has eight. Consultants say Terminal B will need renovations during the next 20 years. An additional 12-15 gates would be available if Terminal C is added.