May 23rd 2022 | Posted in Transportation by Texas Government Insider

San Antonio International Airport is accelerating several major components of its $2.5 billion Terminal Development Plan (TDP) by streamlining the procurement process for building a new Terminal C and upgrading Terminal A.
San Antonio airport rendering WEB San Antonio airport fast tracks terminal procurements to meet 2028 timelineIn an update to the City Council on May 18, Director of Airports Jesus Saenz outlined procurements scheduled to begin in the next few months. Project services and estimated values include program and construction management for $32 million, master architect services for $30 million, and on-call general engineering consulting for $30 million to $34 million.
Originally planned for years five through eight of the airport’s master plan, the city is working aggressively to deliver construction on Terminal C by mid-2028. The new terminal would feature up to 17 narrow-body gates including three to five international positions and a new international arrivals hall.
The new terminal and associated enabling projects including a ground transportation center, parking garage, and terminal road realignment will be able to handle passenger needs over the next 20 years, according to airport officials. The airport is reaching capacity and already has two projects underway to provide five new gates until the new terminal is opened.
Terminal A upgrades were planned for years nine through 13. Now, airport officials are aligning its opening for 2028 as well.
A design-build proposal is scheduled for release in September on a $40 million to $44 million Terminal A ground loading facility that will support three aircraft ground board operations and connect to the customs facility for international flights.
Additional Terminal A improvements include reconstruction of the south concourse, design of a central passenger checkpoint and Terminal A North, relocation of the airport’s air traffic control tower, and a parking garage expansion.
The airport anticipates issuing a solicitation in October for a $40 million to $50 million baggage handling system that will accommodate up to three security processing lanes and feature a new checked baggage inspection room, equipment and systems, and space for surveillance, access control, HVAC, and information technology.
Airport officials plan to compete for up to $150 million in federal funding from the Federal Aviation Administration’s Airport Terminal Program for terminal and roadway projects and associated enabling projects. Funding for other projects may come from the Airport Infrastructure Grant program.