Feb 1st 2023 | Posted in Infrastructure by Texas Government Insider

Pixabay ferris wheel 300x179 Potential Denton County fairground could bring $33M to local economyThe Denton County Commissioners reviewed a feasibility study for a potential multi-use exhibition center aimed at stimulating the local economy and increasing tourism. The study showed that a mixed-use facility could have a projected annual economic impact of $33.4 million and predicted that 174 events would be held creating 419 employment opportunities.

The target site, already owned by the city, is 232 acres of contiguous lots sitting adjacent to 100 acres owned by the North Texas State Fairs Association. Recommended development of the site would occur in three phases. The first would see a multi-purpose facility be built with the second adding an equestrian and athletic field. The third would add a colosseum.

The facility could host events, entertainment and sports. Estimated construction costs could range from $34 million to $41 million. Added equestrian, livestock and agricultural development would cost $75 million, and adding 12 synthetic turf or turf tournament-style football fields would cost an additional $35 million and require 55 acres for construction.