Apr 17th 2019 | Posted in Public-Private Partnerships (P3) by Government Contracting Pipeline

New York- The city of White Plains is preparing a request for proposals to re-develop four parcels of land as a mixed-use development through public-private partnerships (P3). The properties total 4.5 acres and include the station garage, the surface lot in front of the city’s train terminal, a Bronx Street surface parking lot and the nearby Ferris Avenue firehouse. The reason for the redevelopment is due to new zoning that occurred before a $92 million renovation started taking place in 2018 at the city’s train station. The station is currently in its second phase of development which will increase ridership.

transit district P3 opportunities in White Plains Transit DistrictIn 2016, anticipating the railroad project, the city approved new Transit District zoning that covers an area about one-third of a mile around the station. The change came after a year-long study, funded by a $1 million state grant, that involved hundreds of residents, business owners and other stakeholders. This has prompted the creation of a new gateway and “destination” neighborhood with stores, restaurants, entertainment, service businesses, apartments, offices and public green spaces.

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