Dec 14th 2020 | Posted in Transportation by Government Contracting Pipeline

Oklahoma – The Oklahoma Transportation Commission approved an eight-year $6 billion highway plan on December 7 that contains future highway and bridge construction using state and federal funds, including major urban projects and continued improvements to rural two-lane highways.
OK city bridge at night Oklahoma approves $6B highway plan for road, bridge projects

Oklahoma city bridge at night

The Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) 2021-2028 Eight-year Construction Work Plan programs 1,350 construction and safety projects for the next eight years.

It addresses 609 bridges through rehabilitation or replacement and nearly 1,900 miles of roadway improvements, which include more than 800 miles of two-lane highway safety improvements on highways with deficient shoulders.
Significant urban projects in the Eight-year Plan include:
  • The advancement to the timeline of an estimated $7 million project for Interstate 35 pavement rehabilitation between Interstate 44 and John Kilpatrick Turnpike in Oklahoma City to FFY2021.
  • Operational improvements on I-35 between S. 19th and S.W. 34th St. in Moore, for an estimated $1 million in FFY 2023.
  • An additional Work Package for improvements at the I-44/US-75 interchange in Tulsa for FFY 2028 for an estimated $30 million.
  • 96th North bridge improvements over US-169 in Owasso for an estimated $10 million in FFY 2026.
Significant rural projects in the Eight-year Plan include:
  • Beckham County – Estimated $10 million project for shoulders and improvements to SH-6 between SH-152 and US-283 north of Sayre in FFY 2028.
  • Grady County – Adding paved shoulders to SH-4 between I-44/HE Bailey Turnpike and SH-37 near Bridge Creek, estimated $9 million project in FFY 2028.
  • Kay County – Estimated $9 million pavement rehabilitation on I-35 from US-177 north to Kansas state line, advanced to FFY 2026.
  • McCurtain County – An estimated $1 million project on US-259 for intersection improvements between Broken Bow and Hochatown, FFY 2024.
  • Ottawa County – Widening and resurfacing SH-137 between US-60 and SH-10 in FFY 2028, $12 million estimate.
This new update takes into account an upcoming reduction in state funding which was done through previous legislative action to help balance the state budget. Project schedules have been adjusted accordingly.