Nov 6th 2020 | Posted in Energy by Government Contracting Pipeline

New Jersey – Amid public opposition to a gas-fired power plant, New Jersey Transit is planning procurements for the construction of a $557 million renewable energy plant in Kearny.
energy NJ Transit abandons gas plant plan in favor of renewable energyDesigned to improve system resiliency, the plant will provide a reserve power system drawing from solar and battery storage rather than natural gas.
The transit authority will hire a renewable energy consultant to assist in the project’s design and feasibility process and will budget up to $3 million in stipends to qualified bidders in order to encourage creative, environmentally-sound bid proposals.
Developers will apply via a two-step procurement process involving an initial request for qualifications (RFQ) that will seek to establish a pool of qualified proposers followed by a request for proposals (RFP) that will require the qualified proposers to submit comprehensive technical and financial proposals to integrate renewable or other zero emissions energy technologies into the proposed Microgrid Central Facility.
Each qualified team will be awarded a stipend valued at $1 million after completion of the RFP step, with the total anticipated value of the stipend program not exceeding $3 million.