Apr 22nd 2022 | Posted in Water Projects by Texas Government Insider

Laredo councilmembers on April 19 authorized spending more than $163.5 million on 22 projects from the city’s Integrated Water Master Plan.
Over the next five years, the city will start work on the first phase of the master plan that focuses on existing water system reliability, better water service, framework for growth, and future water supply.
Laredo water tower New Laredo water master plan calls for $163M in spending over next 5 years

Laredo water tower

Capital improvement priorities for the city’s water system infrastructure include production improvements such as booster pump station repairs and capacity upgrades that will support system pressure and water service reliability.

The plan also emphasizes transmission enhancements through waterline repairs and new routes to provide water for distribution and improve reliability.
These improvements will lead to better water quality through waterline looping and booster/tank capacity projects.
Water projects planned for 2023 to 2027 include replacing neighborhood waterlines over 40 years old for $29.76 million, extending transmission lines to the Milmo Pump Station for $13.92 million, connecting the Hendricks booster pump station to a mid-sized Jefferson Water Treatment Plant extension line for $13.91 million, and installing an additional 12-inch transmission line for $10.05 million.
Proposed water infrastructure projects for 2028 to 2032 total an estimated $225.89 million. The City Council discussed the possibility of using a mix of funding that could include bond monies, grants, and enterprise funding to pay for these projects that would replace aging waterlines, extend existing system infrastructure, and increase capacity and reliability.