Apr 1st 2021 | Posted in Energy by Government Contracting Pipeline

New Jersey – Designs for eight microgrid projects received $4 million in grants from the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities in the second phase of the state’s design incentive program to support resiliency, especially during and after extreme weather events.
NJ Atlantic City boardwalk lights New Jersey supports microgrid designs with $4M in funding

Atlantic City boardwalk lights

Collectively, these eight microgrid projects, if implemented, would provide resilience to 56 critical infrastructure facilities. In addition, they would deploy 10.5 megawatts (MW) of new or existing solar photovoltaic generation and 2.9 MW of new or existing battery storage.

The Department of Treasury was awarded $250,000 to design a 21.6 MW microgrid in Trenton that would serve an area containing multiple municipal buildings including the Statehouse Complex, city water and wastewater treatment facilities, a state prison, a justice complex, and a college.
In Montclair, the $679,500 awarded by the state will go toward commissioning a consulting-engineering team to create a comprehensive engineering design plan for the construction of a 2.3 MW Montclair microgrid that would provide power for several interconnected critical infrastructure buildings in the downtown area.
The city of Atlantic City will receive $1.13 million to design a 20 MW microgrid that would serve an area encompassing a medical campus center, an area, and two hotels.