Nov 11th 2022 | Posted in Infrastructure, Water Projects by Government Contracting Pipeline

Pexels water pipes 201x300 Nearly $300M in water infrastructure improvements coming to New YorkNew York — Nearly $300 million is being awarded to fund critical water infrastructure projects across the state. The funding is coming from the Water Infrastructure Improvement Grant, Intermunicipal Grant, Green Innovation Grant, and Engineering Planning Grant programs.

These grants are awarded by the New York State Environmental Facilities Corp. and are part of the state’s commitment to modernize the aging water and sewer systems. The funds will support water infrastructure projects totaling more than $1 billion that will safeguard drinking water from the risk of toxic chemicals, increase community resilience to flooding, regionalize water systems, support local economies, and protect public health and the environment.

Municipalities across New York will receive money for construction projects like new water mains, water tower upgrades, system extensions, and processes to treat emerging contaminants.

The Village of Tupper Lake in Franklin County will be awarded $4.8 million for water supply improvements, including treatment processes. The Buffalo Sewer Authority in Erie County will receive $18.6 million to upgrade the primary treatment system at the Bird Island Wastewater Treatment Facility for the next project in its long-term control plan to improve water quality in the Niagara River. The Wayne County Water and Sewer Authority will get $30 million for the Western Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant project. A regionalized plant will serve the village of Palmyra and towns of Palmyra, Macedon, Marion, and Walworth, and eliminate three existing plants.

This marks the second announcement of Water infrastructure Improvement Grant awards this year, bringing the total for the state to nearly $900 million in 2022.