Jul 25th 2019 | Posted in Transportation by Government Contracting Pipeline

Michigan – Transit planners revealed ideas for projects across several counties as part of their 2020 to 2045 vision. The plan calls for $10 billion in projects that include new rail lines, bus rapid transit routes, airport services, and more. The potential projects would require $4 billion for near-term priorities, and $5.7 billion for aspirational goals in Washtenaw, Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb counties in the Ann Arbor-Detroit region.
bus 690508 960 720 Michigan transit planners present $10B in ideasOne of the possible projects is the Ann Arbor-to-Detroit commuter rail, which would require $135 million in capital funding and $16 million annually for operations and maintenance. The rail would run from the Ann Arbor Amtrak station to the Michigan Central Train Station or the Detroit Amtrak station.
Another component of the vision includes $7.6 million per year for airport services such as express busing from Downtown Detroit and other nearby economic centers. Light rail and bus rapid transit are part of the future goals. Improving local bus routes is a priority as well, which would require more than $232 million per year. This would focus on modifying routes for greater efficiency, expanding service, adding routes, and upgrading infrastructure.
Planners also seek to enhance Fast Service, Arterial Rapid Transit, Bus Rapid Transit, and Commuter Express modes. The plan will be presented in August in Macomb County, and in September in Oakland County.