Sep 9th 2022 | Posted in State by Government Contracting Pipeline

Maryland – The Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) has released its Draft Consolidated Transportation Program (CTP) for fiscal years 2023 to 2028, outlining a record $19.9 billion six-year investment to replace and repair aging infrastructure, and expand transit opportunities.

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

The Draft FY 2023-2028 CTP is nearly $2.2 billion more than the FY 2022-2027 CTP. That increase is the result of factors including $1.3 billion in additional federal formula funds from the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) passed by Congress last fall.

For the six years of the Draft FY 2023-2028 CTP, Maryland has programmed $1.3 billion in “new” IIJA federal formula funding: $178 million for airports, $166 million for transit, and $966 million for highways.

Between September 15 and November 15, MDOT officials will travel to each of Maryland’s 23 counties and Baltimore City to discuss the Draft CTP with local officials and the public. The Final FY 2023-2028 CTP will be submitted to the Legislature in January for consideration during the 2023 General Assembly session.

One of the projects in the draft is for Dundalk Marine Terminal resiliency and flood mitigation. The project will start in 2023 at a cost of $39.6 million. The project will install tide gates to prevent storm surges from flowing back through the drains onto the terminal, install a perimeter barrier to prevent storm surges from overtopping the berths, and construct a new box culvert with lateral drains to deal with extreme rain events.

Another project that would start in 2025 is the purchase of zero emission buses to replace those that have been in service for 12 or more years. The MDOT Maryland Transit Administration has more than 700 buses in its active fleet. The total cost is $280 million.

Another project would start in 2026 at the Baltimore-Washington International Airport at a cost of $15 million. This project will provide a comprehensive pavement rehabilitation to Runway 15L-33R and connecting taxiways. The project will include all grading, pavement, lighting, signage, and all related infrastructure.