Oct 13th 2020 | Posted in Healthcare by Government Contracting Pipeline

Illinois – A request for information (RFI) by the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) is seeking input on licensing and compliance monitoring systems.
IL Substance Abuse monitoring software2 Illinois issues RFI for licensing, compliance monitoring systemsIDHS is collecting information regarding software as a service for its Division of Substance Use Prevention and Rehabilitation which licenses Substance Use Disorder (SUD) organizations that deliver intervention and treatment services in the state of Illinois.
These state agencies authorize SUD Medicaid certification and conduct ongoing compliance reviews of these same organizations.
IDHS is requesting information about a fully electronic system that allows organizations to complete all application forms online and upload all required documentation such as facility, staffing, and financial statements.
The type of system of interest would allow organizations to complete the entire licensure process online, allowing them to:
  • Request online access from the licensing entity;
  • Submit and complete a license application, provided defined, customizable, criteria have been met;
  • Allow the licensing or certifying entity to review all applications online and provide feedback; and,
  • Render final decisions (approval/denial) through the system.
Once licensure or certification has been granted, the user entity should be able to customize monitoring requirements and associated activities as well as renewing its license or certification.
In addition to the licensing and certification abilities, IDHS is interested in systems that also offer compliance monitoring activities such as accommodating unique data collection and allowing customizable workflows that align with specific organization service delivery profiles.
The state is interested in compliance monitoring that is configurable to automatically send specific, customized notifications both externally to organizations and internally, based upon an activity or action or schedule.
Monitoring must allow scheduling, updating, and confirming all appointments online in addition to tracking and archiving communications and notifications. It needs to offer pre-loaded reports and ad hoc, customizable reports as well as allow users to access and download data using common database applications.
Vendors are asked to provide information about current industry standards, best practices and developing trends.
This RFI is intended to assist IDHS in better understanding this service and to better prepare the department for possible future procurements.