Jun 12th 2020 | Posted in Water Projects by Texas Government Insider

The city of Houston Public Works Department will start a series of procurements later this year for a $45 million 72-inch water line project that is split into several sections.
Houston Public Works 72 inch water line Houston Public Works to start bid process for $45M water line this fall

Map of 72-inch Water Line project

Beginning in fall 2020, the department will advertise construction of the water line section from Crawford to Mt. Vernon that will provide waterlines, sanitary and storm sewer systems, and new concrete pavement. This section is scheduled for completion in fall 2022 and is estimated at $19.4 million.

Solicitations for the project’s other water line sections along Tuam, Fannin, Holman, Emerson, Garrott, Hawthorne, and Kipling are scheduled to open from winter 2020 through summer 2022.