Apr 5th 2019 | Posted in Legislation/Policy by wpengine

vote 1319435 960 720 300x295 Hays County considers changes to voting systemHays County is joining other counties in deciding whether to switch out its voting machines to a paper receipt system, one that seems to be growing in popularity. Before changes could be implemented, the county would need to seek approval from the state. Currently there is proposed legislation at the capitol that could dictate which voting machines would be allowed on Election Day.
In the meantime, the county’s goal is to provide polling locations that any resident can vote at, regardless of precinct. To get the ball rolling on this Countywide Polling Place Program, county officials are looking to appoint a polling place committee that will be tasked with identifying the best locations for these centers. The county plans to implement countywide voting by the November 2019 elections, which would serve as a test run in anticipation for the 2020 election cycle.

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