May 6th 2021 | Posted in Water Projects by Government Contracting Pipeline

Indiana – The city of Fort Wayne anticipates bids for 22 large, multi-year water, sewer, and storm infrastructure projects in 2021 as it continues its $92 million improvement plan to improve reliability, solve drainage issues, and protect the environment.
IN Fort Wayne Three Rivers Water Filtration Plant Fort Wayne to let 22 water, wastewater projects in 2021

Three Rivers Water Filtration Plant

Among the major projects is the construction near the Third Street Sewer Pump Station of a consolidation sewer to intercept combined sewage from several neighborhoods on the north side of the river and transport it to a drop shaft connected to the Three Rivers Protection and Overflow Reduction Tunnel.

During rain events, 137 million gallons of combined sewage (sanitary and stormwater) flow into the St. Marys River at this location. When the tunnel is operational at the end of 2023, that amount will be reduced by more than 90 percent.
Additionally, three other consolidation sewers are under construction or will begin this year, and 12 miles of sewer pipe are being lined throughout the city in 2021.
The city’s efforts to replace 70 miles of aging water main within five years continue with replacements planned for 2021 in the neighborhoods of Hamilton, West Central, Southwood Park, Tamarack, Covington Dells, Five Points, Centerhurst, Fairfield, Fairmont, and Oakdale.
Its five-year plan to complete more than 30 major stormwater projects continues in Vesey, Hessen Cassel Road, Diane Drive, Mayfield Road, Vance Avenue, Blackhawk, North Anthony, and Lincolndale areas. That stormwater five-year plan goes through the end of 2022.