Sep 9th 2019 | Posted in Water Projects by Government Contracting Pipeline

Florida – Fort Lauderdale’s failing drinking and wastewater systems are forcing officials to create a new utility action plan. A 2017 report estimated the water and wastewater systems will require $1.4 billion to fix.
The plan includes $124 million to repair, or up to $280 million to replace, the Fiveash Regional Water Treatment Plant. Built in 1954, the plant was designed to treat 8 million gallons per day.
Fiveash Regional Water Treatment Plant Fort Lauderdale faces $1.4B in costs amid water system failures

Fiveash Regional Water Treatment Plant

The city’s aging water and sewer pipes continue to break without warning, adding rising repair costs. Officials are planning a short-term fix for the water treatment plant while they consider a long-term strategy. However, the lowest bid for the work came in $15 million over budget. The project will be rebid in a few weeks.

Another priority will be mapping the precise locations of all the city’s water pipes and valves. Many are more than 50 years old and have not been maintained for years. This project could take two to three years and require up to $6 million, funding that officials have yet to find.