Mar 21st 2018 | Posted in Vertical by Strategic Partnerships, Inc.

Florida– Florida lawmakers approved $487 million in the annual Public Education Capital Outlay (PECO) program for the 2018-19 academic year. This also includes $33 million in funding contingent on reimbursements from the federal government related to emergency spending during Hurricane Irma.
Under the PECO program, the university system will have $112 million in individual projects and $47 million in maintenance money, which will be distributed by formula to the 12 state universities. The state college system has $43 million in projects and $35 million in maintenance funding, which will be distributed to the 28 schools. Public schools will receive $50 million in maintenance and renovation funding, while charter schools will receive $150 million, including $5 million contingent on federal reimbursements.
The University of Florida (UF) will receive $50 million for a data-science and information-technology building. The total cost of the project is $125 million.
On the PECO list for Florida State University (FSU) is $12.9 million to complete an earth, ocean and atmospheric science building. The $70 million project has received $57 million in prior state funding. FSU also received $8.5 million for a new College of Business building that is estimated to cost $88 million. The list also includes $9.5 million for an interdisciplinary research and commercialization facility, which will be built near the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory and the engineering school run jointly by FSU and Florida A&M University. The project is expected to cost a total of $88 million.
Florida Gulf Coast University received $10 million for a School of Water Resources and Integrated Sciences facility that is projected to cost $52.5 million.
Jackson, Taylor and Liberty counties will receive $31 million for local school construction as part of the “special facilities” PECO program that provides state funding to smaller counties with limited tax bases. Gilchrist County will receive $2 million for a new school, contingent on federal reimbursements.