Dec 4th 2020 | Posted in Transportation by Government Contracting Pipeline

Pennsylvania – Design completion is coming to a head on the $230 million Downtown-Uptown-Oakland-East End Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project.
PA BRT station at Duquesne University Designs almost done for Pittsburghs $230M BRT project

BRT station at Duquesne University

The Port Authority of Allegheny County is partnering with the city of Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, and the Urban Redevelopment Authority to implement BRT service between downtown Pittsburgh and neighborhoods to the east and connect the second- and third-largest employment centers in Pennsylvania.

Plans call for a new BRT that will feature upgraded stations with real-time arrival information and fare payment, transit signal priority, specially branded electric buses, dedicated travel lanes, changes to street parking, and upgraded pedestrian amenities. The project partners anticipate the BRT will spur economic development opportunities near the new stations and lines.
Current bus transportation options in the area suffer from inconsistent traffic patterns, gaps in service and bunching of buses, overcrowded buses followed by empty buses, late buses, and larger gaps in service.
Local partners secured a $99.95 million grant from the Federal Transit Administration earlier this year to help fund the project.
The Port Authority plans to bid and let the project in fall or winter of 2021. Construction would commence shortly after awarding the contract, and revenue service would begin in 2023.