Mar 27th 2020 | Posted in Transportation by Texas Government Insider

DART D2 subway map Design advancing on $1.4B Dallas subway

D2 Subway alignment

Dallas Area Rapid Transit recently reached 20 percent completion of the preliminary design for the $1.4 billion D2 Subway through downtown Dallas.

The D2 Subway project is a future second light rail line through downtown Dallas that extends from Victory Park to Deep Ellum.

The next phase is preparing a supplemental draft environment impact statement (EIS) to access potential impacts and benefits of the project. The supplemental draft EIS and a preliminary design will be published later this spring for a 45-day public review period.
To advance the project through the Capital Investment Grant program of the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), DART must request entry into the program’s engineering phases and complete 30 percent of design and the final EIS.

Once D2 is approved by the FTA into the engineering phase, DART will advance the project through design and construction.

DART officials said they anticipate awarding a construction contract in 2021-2022 and opening the D2 Subway in 2025-2026.