Jul 6th 2021 | Posted in Technology by Texas Government Insider

The city of Cedar Park soon will commission a fiber network feasibility study and needs assessment to determine how the city could use existing fiber resources and invest in new fiber assets.
fiber network install Cedar Park to study fiber network needCity officials are seeking information that will help support strategic directives and capital and business development projects. Cedar Park intends to develop a master plan, deployment roadmap, business model, and financial analysis as it assesses its options for improving its fiber network.
The resulting study and assessment will guide the city in:
  • Current industry fiber usage trends and solution sets in the municipal space.
  • Strategic uses of fiber technologies as well as recommended plans of action.
  • Overall recommended design for any resulting plans of action.
  • Construction, implementation and/or maintenance costs and risks.
  • Regulatory requirements, risks and/or issues.
  • Funding sources for current and any future fiber assets and related technologies.
  • Revenue producing strategies.
  • Unmet and/or underserved needs of local businesses and residents.
The city also seeks a detailed map of Cedar Park showing locations where existing fiber assets (whether owned or not) are located and where future fiber optic assets could be located and utilize its fiber resources by connecting its other city assets such as street light poles and traffic signals.