Apr 20th 2023 | Posted in Infrastructure by Government Contracting Pipeline

Maryland — The Howard County Council will soon consider the 2024 Capital Improvement Plan (CIP), a plan that seeks $379 million in funding for education, flood control and stormwater management, bike and pedestrian infrastructure, road maintenance, public safety and other needs of the city.

street construction work pixabay 300x201 Capital Improvement Program proposes to spend $379MThe CIP calls for capital projects to be funded through a combination of:

  • $75.2 million in general obligation bonds which remain near a 10-year low.
  • $79.3 million in one-time pay-as-you-go funding.
  • State funding commitments.
  • Other dedicated revenue sources.

The CIP highlights various initiatives, including:

Education: Fully funds the board of education’s capital funding request of $67.7 million, which includes county funding of $51.6 million and state aid of $16.1 million. Proposed improvements include:

  • $35 million in pass-through funding to advance a new regional pre-kindergarten center.
  • $26.3 million to support system renovations and address maintenance across the school system.
  • $13 million for renovation and expansion of career and technology education.
  • $7 million to complete construction of Guilford Park High School.
  • $5.5 million for IT improvements.
  • $4.5 million to expand Dunloggin Middle School.
  • $4.4 million to renovate and add on to Oakland Mills Middle School.
  • $3.9 million for various school needs, including roofing, relocatable classrooms, playground equipment and more.

Howard Community College will benefit from $13.3 million for construction of its new mathematics and athletics complex and $1 million for system renovations.

Public Safety: The spending plan includes the acquisition and renovation of the State Armory in Ellicott City to increase storage capacity for the fire and rescue services. Also, the proposal includes $2.6 million for renovations to the detention center.

Transportation: The proposal includes $12.8 million in funding for pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure.

Recreation and Parks: Construction and renovation of additional parking lots, pathways, sports courts and historic sites are included at a cost of $18.8 million.

Infrastructure Revitalization: This budget addresses a backlog in maintenance for stormwater ponds, road resurfacing, water and sewer repair and replacement, systemic renovation and more.

Community Services: The CIP includes funds to design to repurpose the existing 50+ facility into a new multi-service center, support for the new Family Support Center in Columbia, and safety and security enhancements to the Harriet Tubman Cultural Center.

Technology Infrastructure and Enhancement: The proposed budget includes $7.5 million to upgrade and modernize technology and infrastructure.