Apr 20th 2023 | Posted in Water Projects by Government Contracting Pipeline

California is getting an infusion of $307 million to fix pipes, install new bypass channels, repair fish ladders, refurbish values, and improve pumps, turbines and motors. Funding will come from the Inflation Reduction Act and an infrastructure bill approved by the U.S. Congress.

unsplash water faucet leaking 300x298 California gets $307M to help solve water problemsThe 24 California projects will join a total of 83 projects in 11 states, all in support of river systems in the West. The combined projects will inject $585 million.

Almost all California projects focus on water-stressed regions of the Central Valley, Yuma Valley, Imperial Valley, along the Klamath and Colorado rivers.

Among the projects on the list:

  • $66 million modernization of the Trinity River Fish Hatchery Building, including updates to pipes, a filtration system and eroding support for 175 troughs and tanks.
  • $42.5 million refurbishment of a pump at the San Luis Unit of the Central Valley Project, which includes the San Luis Reservoir.
  • $25 million refurbishment of a pumping planet cabinet and control panel for the Central Valley Project near Tracy.
  • $25 million to study problems in the Delta Mendota Canal.
  • $22 million to study problems in the Friant Kern Canal.
  • $10 million upgrade to a hatchery near Nimbus Dam.
  • $3 million for a feasibility study to consider a plan to replace Lake Tahoe Dam.

California and Arizona will also benefit from $7.5 million to improve the reliability of water sources in the Imperial Valley and eastern Coachella Valley.