Dec 2nd 2022 | Posted in Energy by Government Contracting Pipeline

California – The California Public Utilities Commission approved a $1 billion vehicle electrification charging project, most of which will be devoted to accelerating the number of midsize and heavy-duty trucks on state roads.

The cost of the five-year program will be spread out among utility ratepayers across California with 70 percent of funds being devoted to charging medium and heavy-duty vehicles. These vehicles account for a disproportionate amount of greenhouse gas emissions in the transport sector.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

The remaining 30 percent will go to charging light-duty vehicles at or near multiunit dwellings. 65 percent will go towards underserved communities putting the priority on low-income and tribal areas. No money is allocated for building electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructures at individual homes.

Starting in 2025 and intended to run through 2029, the program has allocated $200 million each year through state utilities. Money will be given back to customers through rebates. Details for the program are still being worked out.

The federal government’s Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will funnel several hundred million dollars to California to put more electric cars and trucks on roadways and in ports. The state’s budget includes $10 billion over the next six years.