Jun 15th 2021 | Posted in Transportation by Texas Government Insider

To be eligible for state and federal funding, the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) is developing a Regional 10-Year Plan that proposes allocations of $4.28 billion for projects in fiscal year 2022.

Dallas loop 9 Billions in projects set for NCTCOGs 10 year regional transportation plan

NCTCOG is focusing on fully funding existing projects that are already in its system and that will be included in its Mobility 2045 plan. It anticipates that the Texas Transportation Commission will approve its 2022 Unified Transportation Plan (UTP) in August.

Other plan goals are to ensure equity of county allocations, maintain toll lanes and managed toll lanes on certain corridors, and refund previously unfunded projects.
An alternative funding solution would allow two projects in the UTP to be let as early as August. NCTCOG is not spending Surface Transportation Block Grant (STBG) funds as quickly as needed, so it is considering a STBG/Category 2 funding exchange for improvements to U.S. 287 and State Loop 9.
Work in Johnson County would widen U.S. 287 from two to three lanes and construct freeway auxiliary lanes, ramps, and a Texas U-turn at Lone Star Bridge. In Tarrant County, plans call for constructing up to four frontage roads along U.S. 287 from Heritage Parkway to the Johnson County Line. Those projects are expected to be let in August.
State Loop 9 work would be split into two sections to build up to two frontage roads initially with the potential addition of four more frontage roads from Interstate 35E to the Dallas-Ellis County Line and from the county line to Interstate 45.