Mar 21st 2022 | Posted in Healthcare by Texas Government Insider

Bexar County commissioners are considering the conversion of the existing San Antonio State Hospital into a psychiatric facility.
Using $200,000 in federal funding to conduct the San Antonio State Hospital Reuse Study, the county will assess the building’s ability to accommodate a new 150- to 300-bed county psychiatric facility.
hospital beds Bexar County mulls psychiatric facility at site of San Antonio State HospitalThe county also will develop a plan on how to utilize the vacated buildings for services and supportive housing for individuals suffering behavioral health issues.
This option is in addition to the county sheriff proposal in 2020 to add a psychiatric wing at the county jail that would be operated separately from the Sheriff’s Office, in response to an increasing number of inmates with mental health issues.
Bexar County officials have not submitted any formal plans with Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) regarding the possible use of the campus.
HHSC is building a new 300-bed San Antonio State Hospital set to open in 2024 and renovating another building to add 40 more beds on the campus, but those facilities will not have additional beds for psychiatric care.