Feb 2nd 2018 | Posted in Vertical by Strategic Partnerships, Inc.

The Bellaire City Council approved the site plan and traffic study for a $137 million project to rebuild Bellaire High School on its original site. The city’s approval allows the Houston Independent School District to move forward with the final design and construction phase of the project that was approved in a 2012 bond election.
The plan involves maximizing space on the 18-acre campus by moving the athletic practice fields two miles to another site, designing a new 425,000-square-foot high school and improving traffic flow. Construction on the project is expected to begin in the summer of 2019 and to be completed in phases to allow students to remain in classes throughout the process. The project is expected to take about 30 months to complete. Once the new high school building is completed, the existing high school will be demolished. Bellaire is among 40 schools, including 29 high schools, being rebuilt as part of the 2012 Bond Program.