Apr 20th 2020 | Posted in Infrastructure by Texas Government Insider

Bayland Island Baytown sets hotel convention center budget of $63.6M for Bayland Island

Bayland Island

Members of the Baytown Hospitality Public Facilities Corporation approved a $63.6 million budget on April 9 for the Baytown Hotel-Convention Center Project on Bayland Island.

The conceptual development budget sets design-build hard costs at $27.63 million to construct a 208-key hotel and $14.3 million to build a 34,000-square-foot convention center.

City leaders said Baytown will contribute $21.1 million to the public-private partnership to finance construction of the convention center and private developers will put in $42.5 million for the hotel portion.

Baytown will issue bonds for $17.1 million and draw $4 million from the city’s Hotel Occupancy Tax fund to pay for the convention center.

Construction is estimated to take 18 months.