Mar 6th 2020 | Posted in Water Projects by Texas Government Insider

Bastrop councilmembers are considering an engineers’ report recommending construction of three to four water wells and a water treatment plant for a preliminary estimate of $38.3 million.
Bastrop Water Wastewater Top Banner Bastrop engineers develop plan to build $38.3M in water, wastewater upgrades

Bastrop water facilities

In 2018, it was determined the city’s alluvial well fields were at risk to drought and water quality issues that could not be treated by its outdated water plants. The wells, while permitted for 5.8 million gallons a day (MGD), struggled to produce 2.87 million MGD.

On February 25, the city’s engineering consultants recommended construction of the wells in the Simsboro Aquifer for $3.51 million and a $6.89 million water treatment plant with a gravity filter building, chemical tanks, feed equipment, and a chemical building.
In addition, they advised the city to build a $4 million potable water transmission pump station with a $3.85 million pipeline. Construction of a $650,000 wastewater lift station and $1.79 million wastewater force main also was suggested.

The report included a timeline for well design to be completed by the end of this year and water treatment plant, station, and pipeline design by mid-2021. Well drilling would commence in early 2021 and conclude in the third quarter 2021. Construction of the treatment plant, pipelines, and other facilities would begin in mid-2021 and conclude in early 2023.