Mar 20th 2020 | Posted in Water Projects by Texas Government Insider

Austin Ullrich Water Treatment Plant Austin Public Works plans multiple water, wastewater projects for spring

Ullrich Water Treatment Plant in Austin

The city of Austin and Austin Public Works Department are scheduled to let several flood mitigation, water, and wastewater projects this spring that will address infrastructure needs.

Some of the largest projects are:

  • Ullrich WTP – Process Drain and Support Systems Improvements. This $6.74 million project will make improvements to multiple process areas at the WTP, including to the sludge cross-over vault and entire clarifier flushing system. It also is scheduled for a June procurement;
  • Little Walnut Creek – Flood Risk Reduction from Metric Boulevard to Rutland Drive. This $16.6 million project is a high priority for flood risk reduction. The project also will require work in the Mearns Meadow pond area. It will feature a creek bypass system under Mearns Meadow, pond improvements at Quail Creek Park, and water and wastewater upgrades. It is scheduled to be advertised in April;
  • Zilker Water and Wastewater Pipeline Renewal – This $7 million project will renew water and wastewater infrastructure in the area of Treadwell Street. The initiative is part of Austin Water’s efforts to replace aging and deteriorated water and wastewater infrastructure. It is scheduled to be let in May;
  • Onion Creek Reclaimed Water Main Phase 1 – This $6.9 million project will install approximately 15,000 feet of 16-inch reclaimed main and 2,000 feet of 6-inch reclaimed main to serve the Onion Creek soccer fields, Onion Creek District Park, Widen Elementary School, and the Goodnight Ranch Development. It is planned for a June procurement;
  • South Austin Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) – Transfer Line and Reclaimed Water Line. This $5.18 million project will stabilize the sludge transfer line and reclaimed line from the WWTP and Hornsby Bend Biosolids Management Plant as they cross the Colorado River; and,
  • Bull Creek Basin Wastewater Pipelines Renewal – This $5.11 million project will focus on wastewater system renewal in the Bull Creek Bain. It is another Austin Water infrastructure project.

All of these solicitations will be let as competitive sealed bids or low bids.