May 2nd 2022 | Posted in State by Government Contracting Pipeline

Arizona – The state of Arizona launched the Infrastructure Investment Jobs Act Task Force to ensure the state continues to use federal infrastructure funds efficiently and effectively. The task force will strategically align Arizona’s priorities and investments with federal funding opportunities.

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Funding from the Infrastructure Investment Jobs ACT (IIJA), a $1.2 trillion spending bill passed by Congress, spans energy efficiency, electric grid improvements, water resilience and storage, broadband expansion, cybersecurity, and workforce development. These funds present an opportunity for Arizona to continue investing in ensuring resiliency for the state’s economy.

The IIJA Task Force is currently composed of the Arizona departments of Administration, Economic Security, Emergency and Military Affairs, Environmental Quality, Forestry and Fire Management, Homeland Security, Housing, Transportation, and Water Resources, as well as the Arizona Commerce Authority and Water Infrastructure Finance Authority of Arizona.
Its members include Arizona agency heads, technical and subject matter experts, and critical players that will work with local leaders, private industry, and tribal leaders to coordinate funding from the IIJA. IIJA programs will be established over the next five years.