Apr 3rd 2019 | Posted in Infrastructure, Water Projects by Government Contracting Pipeline

California- Antioch’s city council has voted to move ahead with a brackish desalination plant. The city accepted a $10 million state grant that will pay toward the design and construction. Pumps would take brackish river water from the city’s Fulton Shipyard intake and pipe it to the desalination plant at 410 Putnam St. where it would be purified through reverse osmosis. The plant will treat and convert 6 million gallons a day of brackish water from the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta for the city’s drinking water.

valve 1341929 960 720 Antioch preparing for desalination plantThe estimated cost for the project is $64.6 million and the city is applying for $55 million in low-interest financing from the Department of Water Resources. Pipeline construction will happen in stages along with funding and is expected to be fully financed by June 2020 when it will be handed over to a private partner to design and build.

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