May 23rd 2019 | Posted in Trends by Government Contracting Pipeline

The National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO), along with the Natural Resources Defense Council and Delivery Associates, will work in close concert with transportation departments in five cities to design and implement high-quality bike and transit corridors by the end of 2020. This work is expected to help the cities of Atlanta, Boston, Denver, Minneapolis and Philadelphia meet or beat their near-term carbon reduction goals. The work will be based on what NACTO calls its accelerator model.
cycle path 300x200 5 cities shifting gears on low carbon transport projectsThe NACTO accelerator will help these cities build out feasible projects, implement achievable timelines and conduct public outreach around the importance of such projects. The accelerator will enable cities to jump-start the process of building out a connected network of green streets, which might include fully separated bike and transit lanes, and much less parking.
Funding will come from the Bloomberg Philanthropies’ American Cities Climate Challenge, which was announced in January 2019. For two years, 25 cities, including the five working with NACTO, will get funding and technical assistance to help meet climate change goals.

NACTO is advising all 25 cities in the Climate Challenge on the work accomplished with the five accelerator cities in hopes that it will inspire more places to pursue similar courses of action. Follow the progress of NACTO’s five Climate Challenge focus cities here and learn more about the Bloomberg American Cities Climate Challenge and all 25 selected cities here.