Nov 19th 2014 | Posted in Opportunities, Vertical by Government Contracting Pipeline

York County Seal

York County Seal

The York County (Virginia) Courthouse isn’t going anywhere. After much debate over whether the facility should be moved to another location or renovated where it is, the York County Council recently voted to move forward with renovations.

There is still some question about whether any consultants hired for the project would be required to meet with historical conservationists regarding the project.

Councilman Joe Cox said he would like to combine architectural, contracting and construction services. Funding, however, is a major concern.

Another concern was how to finish renovations after the cost of removing asbestos and lead-based paint from the building’s walls was over the estimated budget amount for those projects. The county already has paid $1.5 million to remove asbestos and lead-based paint. The final cost estimate for completing the project was set at $11.2 million, nearly $6 million more than the original amount set aside by the county.

The total renovation cost is expected to be about $9.1 million, cheaper than two proposals for moving the courthouse. The county now must find $4 million in funds to complete the project.

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