Jan 12th 2022 | Posted in Healthcare by Texas Government Insider

The University of Texas-Southwestern (UT Southwestern) Medical Center is planning a new pediatric campus in Dallas with a construction cost basis of approximately $1.6 billion with a total project cost anticipated to be $2.5 billion.
According to solicitation documents, the new pediatric campus is a joint project of medical center and Children’s Health System of Texas through their partnership known as the Joint Pediatric Enterprise (JPE).

Children’s Medical Center of Dallas

The new campus will fully replace the facilities on the current Children’s Medical Center Dallas Campus on Medical District Drive and relocate services that are currently located at other Children’s Health System of Texas sites.

Initial scope for the project includes:
  • Development of an overall master site plan.
  • A 532-bed hospital which will likely include an emergency department with 90 bays, more than 90 newborn intensive care unit beds, and services to support a new labor and delivery program to include approximately 30 beds.
  • An administrative building for clinical and support staff.
  • An ambulatory care facility with approximately 250 exam rooms.
  • A central utility/thermal plant to support the entire campus.
  • One or more parking/garages for up to 6,500 spaces.
  • Associated site development including roads, landscaping, and other elements of site infrastructure.
Planning and design work are expected to begin in June on an 18-month timeline, and construction is scheduled to start in January 2024 and conclude by June 2028.