Turner KimbroughSenior Consultant

Before joining the SPI Consulting Team, Turner Kimbrough spent five years working in and around the federal government. His experience in both the public and private sectors has allowed him a unique opportunity to work both for the federal government and with federal officials and elected leaders. His work at the nation’s capitol has increased his value to other SPI consultants and to clients of SPI.

Kimbrough was immersed in the workings of government at the federal level while serving on the staff of two members of the U.S. Congress. He worked closely with constituents and also with state and local government officials from congressional members’ districts. He also had the opportunity to work on major governmental issues and gain valuable experience in consensus-building. He conducted policy research related to legislative issues and networked with leaders and staff members in Congress and in federal agencies. Later, Kimbrough moved to positions that honed his expertise in government relations and advocacy. He worked for a transportation-related organization, followed by a policy and advocacy group that focused on building coalitions within statewide communities and alliances between organizations and the federal government.

Kimbrough attended Stetson University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in communications from the University of Alabama. He is currently serving on a number of client teams at SPI.