Tres Lorton

Tres Lorton photo Oct 2022 225x300 Tres LortonTres Lorton brings 30 years of unique experience to the SPI Team. A major portion of his career has been spent working on public sector procurement transactions at the state, county, city, municipal, and quasi-governmental entity levels. His ability to guide private sector contracting firms in the areas of strategy, planning, the solicitation process, negotiation, and promoting all types of offerings will be extremely beneficial to SPI clients. Additionally, he has advised private sector firms about regulatory compliance, contract management, legal, and operational issues that occur in performance of contracts won from government.

Tres began his career working for an international accounting firm before getting a law degree. Following law school, he worked for private law firms before accepting a job with the Texas Comptroller’s Office where he served for more than 10 years. He later worked as a consultant and attorney for an international consulting firm.

Tres worked for two private sector Fortune 500 technology firms for a combined total of 14 years before returning to a position in the Texas Comptroller’s Office where he was soon moved into the role of Director of the agency’s Statewide Procurement Division and in that position he also served as Chief Procurement Officer for the State.

Tres holds a bachelor’s degree from The University of Texas at Austin, and a law degree from the University of Houston. He is a welcome addition to the SPI team.