Talan TyminskiSenior Research Analyst and Marketing Specialist

Photo of SPI Research Analyst Talan TyminskiSPI Research Analyst Talan Tyminski has skills and experience in both research and public policy issues that make her a natural fit for SPI’s Research and Information division. She is a seasoned researcher, experienced in digitization, and a student of government. The SPI Team specializes in customized research, intelligence gathering, analysis of government documents and ferreting out upcoming opportunities – and Talan is proficient in all of those areas.

With an educational background in political science and government, Talan’s skill set allows her to synthesize often complex legislative data and material into valuable client-friendly information. Her background in researching both congressional and statewide legislative matters allows her to provide clients a broader perspective of government at all jurisdictional levels.

Talan holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and political science from Bradley University and a master’s degree in political communication from Texas State University.