Scott Kirkpatrick

Scott Kirkpatrick EC Louisiana 200x300 Scott Kirkpatrick

Scott Kirkpatrick, an attorney, is a former policy advisor for elected officials at both the State and Federal levels of government. He served a Governor in Louisiana as an advisor for issues related to natural resources, environmental regulations and transportation. At the Federal level, Scott worked with a U.S. Senator and for a Congressman.

His experience in dealing with issues of all types at the various jurisdictional levels of government ensured Scott’s success in, providing government relations and also working with associations and industry groups throughout the state of Louisiana.  His career has also included serving as a consultant providing both procurement and legal services.

Scott holds a BA degree with an emphasis on Government and Religious Studies from the University of Virginia.  He studied law and received his J.D. from Louisiana State University. He and his wife Laura Jane have two daughters and one son.