Sandra Alvarez

With more than three decades of experience in dealing with governmental issues for a private sector contractor, Sandra Alvarez offers SPI clients invaluable insight regarding policies, procedures and nuances.  She knows what it takes to successfully navigate the government marketplace.

sandra alvarez 300x293 Sandra AlvarezSandra spent 34 years handling communication, government affairs and issues resolution for a global communications firm. During that time, she worked with officials at the county, municipal and state levels of government.  She also worked with legislators and with other private sector companies.

During her career, she saw many changes and learned how to launch successful collaborations with multiple stakeholders.  She built long-term relationships with public officials in all jurisdictions of government and also at port authorities, school districts, colleges, universities, economic development corporations and nonprofits. Those relationships have resulted in an enviable network of friends.

Sandra’s attributes include leadership, strategy development, historical perspective and a thorough understanding of public sector policies including procurement, ethics and the culture of government environments. Her value as a consultant to private sector firms interested in the government marketplace is great and she will be an asset to the SPI Consulting Team.

Sandra is a graduate of Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi.