Roy HoganSenior Consultant

Roy Hogan’s experience as a senior-level executive in three major state agencies puts him in an exceptionally elite category of government experts in Texas. He is respected statewide for his thoughtful analysis of issues and strategy development as well as for his financial acumen.

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Roy brings a diverse set of skills, decades of relationship-building, and an abundance of first-hand experience to add a new dimension to the value proposition SPI offers clients. Roy became part of the SPI team after servings as a Deputy Commissioner of Administration.

Roy has an extensive knowledge of financial, human resource, information technology, and support services management. During his 10 years of service at one large agency, these skills were essential because the agency included offices in eight regions, two hospitals, approximately 6,000 employees, and an annual operating budget of $6.5 billion.

Roy also held the position of Director of Administrative Services for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. His responsibilities included management and policy direction for the agency with specific operational responsibilities for finance, data processing, human resources, purchasing, information, and education. He served in the executive ranks of the agency for 10 years.

Roy served three Texas governors in the Governor’s Budget and Planning Office, where he maintained budgetary and planning responsibilities in the areas of health, higher education, medical schools, public safety, criminal justice, and general government. While in this position, he became well-versed in policy development and implementation, budgetary matters, and legislative issues surrounding his areas of responsibilities.

Roy holds a master’s degree in public administration from The University of Texas at Austin.